To My Husband: A Letter of Thanksgiving

Marriage ThanksgivingMy wonderful husband and I have been married for almost 13 1/2 years…and I don’t verbally, or publicly, recognize all the amazing, wonderful things he does for me, for our family, nearly often enough. You guys, he takes care of so many mundane tasks and does them so well that I don’t even realize he’s done them. It’s just seamless.

I wanted to do something to publicly thank him for being the man he is, the husband he is, and how he brings light and laughter to our family each and every day.

Join me today at Unveiled Wife as I share a Letter of Thanksgiving to this wonderful man that God has blessed me with. Head on over and read it, and then if you have a blog write your own letter of thanksgiving to your spouse and come link it up!

If you’ve just hopped over here from Unveiled Wife, I want to extend a warm Thanksgiving welcome to you! Feel free to sit down with a nice hot cuppa, make yourself at home and browse around!

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