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Comfy Pregnancy SeriesIt’s the third installment of the Comfy Pregnancy Series over at The Better Mom today!

We’re talking abut preparing our bodies, and babies, for labor/delivery/and birth, even if you are having a c-section! Come join us and share you favorite ways to gear yourself up for the big day!

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Home Sweet…Home? And More Series Fun…

Wow, has it really been a month since I’ve posted??

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your patience with me and sticking around while I’ve been so quiet!

Comfy Pregnancy SeriesWe arrived safe and sound in the States and promptly hit the ground running. We’ve not stopped traveling in some form or fashion in the 3.5 weeks we’ve been here! We just finished up a great time with my family taking our kiddos to Disneyland for the first time (you can bet there will be posts/pics about that coming up)! And now, we are in one place for a couple of weeks before we have to travel again, so hopefully – Lord willing – things will get a little more back to normal around here!

Starting today! 🙂

I’m delighted that the second post of the Comfy Pregnancy Series is up at The Better Mom today! Come on over and join us as we chat about how to get the comfiest sleep possible in pregnancy! Be sure to share your tried and true tips in the comments!

If you’ve just joined us from The Better Mom, I want to extend a warm, fresh-on-American-soil-from-Ireland welcome to you! Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to make yourself at home and have a look around! The kettle’s always on, even on this side of the pond. 😉

Manic Monday – Goodnight, Sink

I had a different idea in mind for Manic Monday today, but when I woke up to a sink (and counter, and table, and coffee table…) full of dirty dishes I decided to write about this.

Tell your kitchen sink “goodnight”. Take a few minutes before you go to bed to make sure the dishes are clean, put away, and your sink and counter are wiped down. You’d be amazed at how brighter your day starts with a tidy kitchen! (or the sink, anyway). And if you’re a non-morning person like me, anything that helps mornings go smoother, or help my mood in the morning be even a tad better is welcome!

I know life is crazy, and we’re all tired, and it’s not always possible to do a last minute dish round before bed. If you find yourself unable to do it every night, try to at least do it Sunday night. Starting off the work/school week off with a clean, tidy kitchen makes a big difference.

Lastly, you don’t have to do it all yourself! If your kids are old enough, get them in on the action, too! They can help load the dishwasher, scrape food into the bin or disposal, and help wipe down surfaces.

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Getting Ready for School: 5 Steps to Curb the Chaos


Yes, it’s that time of year again; when the shops are teeming with backpacks, pencils and crayons and lunch boxes still smell fresh. School is just around the corner. And if your family is anything like mine, that revelation is met with mixed emotions from both parents and kids alike. Over time I’ve learned a few things that have made the transition from summer to school a little smoother. Whether you homeschool, public, private school or anything in-between, there are a few universal tips that can help curb the chaos during this busy, exciting and often anxious, time of year.

1. Start early! Whether you’re gathering curriculum, school supplies, books, or uniforms, buying early and in batches saves time, stress and often money. Make a list of everything you need for the new school year, divide it up and buy a little at a time. Our family buys a little on each paycheck throughout the summer so when September 1st rolls around, we have all the things we need without having to take out a mortgage to pay for it all in one lump sum. It also saves fighting last minute crowds and sold out necessities. If it’s too late to start early for this year, make a note and start next summer.
2. Two Week Transition If your family is anything like mine, as summer goes on, what was a strict 7:30 bedtime stretches and stretches. Suddenly it’s August and they’re up until 9pm (or later) every night. While that makes for some lovely family time on long summer evenings, it’s hardly conducive to keeping a healthy school schedule. So, give your kids (and yourself!) 2 weeks to transition. Start moving bedtime earlier and earlier, gradually adding in your usual school time bedtime routine items. This way you’re not stuck the night before school with kids who can’t fall asleep until daylight, and everyone can start The Day off on a rested, happy note.
3. Pray Prayer’s position on this list by no means reflects it’s priority. Begin praying daily- with your children- for your children’s teachers, principal, classmates, etc. Pray for healthy minds ready to learn, about any anxieties your child has about the new year, and that your family would be a blessing to those you are in touch with at school.
4. Discuss If you have a child starting his/her first year in school, begin early talking about school, the kinds of things they’ll be doing, etc. Try to take him to meet his teacher, walk around campus, visit the playground. Feeling familiar with his surroundings makes a huge difference on the first day of school!
5. Last Hurrah Do something as a family to commemorate the end of summer and celebrate the start of school. It doesn’t have to be major. A picnic in the park, a family swim, a trip to the cinema or local fair. Just something, as a family, to give thanks for (and bring closure to) a good summer and anticipate a great year in school.

What do you think? Did you find these ideas helpful? What do you do to help your family prepare for the new academic year?

Photo courtesy of Robb North